Nayif Awadh Salim




Nayif Awadh Salim

Political Party:
Kenya African National Union (KANU)


Vying for:
Member of County Assembly (MCA): MARIAKANI WARD: 2017

Home County:

Home Constituency:

Home Ward:


I am a male adult with good health , sound and mind born on 7th February1982 . I am a politician , business man , strategist , artists , righter , scientist , peacekeeper , innovate , investor , adviser & etc . I am a Kanu aspirant looking for a member of county assembly position for Mariakani ward for the main aims of transforming Mariakani ward to be a modern town , to bring investors to come and invest in Mariakani ward for the aims of strengthening the economy of our county Government and also to create job opportunities to my citizens of Mariakani , to build university , to build a sports stadium so that i can manage to help my youth to be recognised in there talents that will help them to find job in what there capable in doing , to bring EPZ so that our mothers & sisters can get job , to build the market that will benefit my people through creating different types of industries from the Weaste in making biogass and fertiliser that will help the people who are working in the market to benefit from them , I believe every market has it's association so i will make sure that my Mariakani market association will benefit in each and every thing they have in the market , I will find means and ways to make sure Mariakani market association has it's own land that will help them to plant and produce products that they will sell in there market and other markets in different parts of Kenya , I will make Mariakani market association to have there small industries such as tomato pest industry, tomato sauce industry & etc that will help to create job opportunities to my people & to make a rich and prosperous market association . I will build a modern hospital with a morchery , I will drill as many boreholes as possible to fight water shortages in Mariakani town , I will look for nongovernmental organisation of all kinds that will help my people of Mariakani in all forms for the main aim of a success and prosperous life of citizens without discrimination legislation of all kinds . The disabled people will my first priority to make them get help of all kinds through my help , through nongovernmental organisations & etc . All in all i will do all my best to deliver the 17 global goals to my citizens of Mariakani and ti seat a good example as how a leader should deliver to his or her respected citizens .Thank you


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