Peter Korinko Mositet




Peter Korinko Mositet

Political Party:
Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP)

Vying for:
Senator: KAJIADO COUNTY: 2017



Engineer who has fought for Masaai land rights

1964: Born in Kajiado county 1971: Joined Magadi Nursery School then went to Kiserian and then Arap Moi Primary schools in Kiserian, where he sat his CPE in 1978

1979: Admitted to Maasai Technical School where he majored in Water Engineering and sat ‘O’- Level in 1982

1983: Joined Kenya Polytechnic to study Civil Engineering 1989: Returned to Kenya Polytechnic to study for a higher national diploma.

2007: Joined Jomo Kenyatta University of Advanced Technology for Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and graduated in 2011

2012: Stood for the Kajiado North parliamentary seat after the death of Saitoti on an ODM ticket. He lost to Moses Sakuda of TNA

2013: Elected senator from Kajiado county


2013: “I would say that the Maasais, particularly, have suffered a lot. This is known to all Kenyans: If you go to many areas of this country, you will wonder how we got the name Olomuruti and yet the Maasai do not live there. If you went to Ol Kalou, where we used to have shrines and our cultural activities taking place all the way from the 1890s up to now, nobody has bothered to consider them.”

2015: “The EACC conducts investigations into corruption. The DPP only receives graft files to approve prosecutions and where there is no evidence, the same suspects are freed. Politicians should leave Tobiko to do his work independently.” he said, defending Tobiko against accusations by Jubilee MPs that he had failed to fight corruption.

2016: “When I look at the urban and peri-urban areas of Ngong’, Kitengela, Kajiado North and even the rural areas, if only we could direct and make sure that we have opened up the roads - we do not necessarily need to maintain them to tarmac standards but make sure that they are motorable”


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